Special Floral Display International Flower Contest|WORLD FLOWER GARDEN SHOW 2015

International Flower Contest

Special Floral Display【4 Displays】Designers integrate one whole room’s space to transform it into an artistic floral vision.

Popular with Prince William and numerous celebrities


Harijanto Setiawan

Harijanto Setiawan has received numerous international awards. He is a central figure in the floral designs for many first-class institutes such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. He is the current president of The Floral Designers Society in Singapore.


One of the most successful floral artists in England


Lana Bates

Lana Bates works in various fields including floral design and consultation for commercial design. She has earned the Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show, the most prestigious flower show in England. Her work “Momento - Alden-Biesen Church” at Fleuramour Flower Show in Belgium received high praise.


America’s most excitingly unorthodox artists


Natasha Lisitsa

Daniel Schultz

Natasha and Daniel create flower installations of explosive scale using innovative materials based on architectural thought. They have become recognized for works commissioned by MOMA and the de Young Museum. Especially the magnificent floral installation for de Young Museum was on a scale previously unseen.


The embodiment of beauty in both modeling and design


Akiva Zama

As the head of akiva zama, he incorporates seasons and colors into his designs with a sense of impeccable fashion.