Special Floral DisplayA room full of colorful flowers

Floral Design Contest for artistry and technique

International Residential Garden ShowExhibition and products from over 30 countries

The Grand Gardening MarketFull line-up of gardening products

Light Up!With the night comes Japan’s best illumination

It’s the Season of the Kingdom of Light, Music and Autumn Flowers!


450 varieties, the Largest in West JapanDahlia Exhibition

Enjoy all kinds of colorful Dahlia from lovely pompons to flowers of amazing size.


World-class Live PerformanceAutumn Music Festival

Enjoy a delightful moment of dulcet tones with a wide range of music for your listening pleasure.


No. 1 for Variety in Japan!!Light-up Begonia Garden

The only garden in Japan where 15,000 Begonias in 1,000 varieties are gathered! Illuminated every evening to create a nocturnal fantasy


Japan’s No. 1 Night View!Autumn Kingdom of Light

Enjoy the Light Up and illumination events each night. Plus, try out the newly opened ‘I. S. Labyrinth〜Maze of Light and Sound〜’!


The taste of 200 wines! Wine Festival

Choose between hundreds of wines, taste them and buy the ones you like at our extremely popular annual event.


Dress up and join us/Halloween

Show off your special costume on our Baroque European streetscape that makes the perfect setting for Halloween.

Grand opening, July 17

Enjoy the pleasures of healthy beauty.Kingdom of Health and Beauty

Here is everything you need for healthcare including health-check, Japan’s largest supplement shop, healthy restaurant with ‘local produce for local consumption’ menu, natural hot springs, and so much more.

The hottest performance extravaganzas

The tremendous popularity of Huis Ten Bosch Revue Entertainment has become the talk of town.The hottest performance extravaganzas

It’s standing room only at the Muse Hall. Don’t miss it!

Feel the prestige of lodging at our exclusive hotels.

Flowers, Music, and Exquisite Cuisine Hotel Europe

Hotel Europe
Introducing 4th Floor Designer Rooms

Hotel Europe Guest Benefits

1.Free Re-entry Passport
Huis Ten Bosh admission + facility voucher (3,600yen standard) One per stay
2.Free ride on Hotel Europe exclusive canal cruiser!
※Check in / check out cruiser ride requires admission ticket good for that day.
3.Free shuttle bus between Nagasaki Airport and the hotel
Huis Ten Bosch ‘Airport Bus’ fee (2,300yen standard)
4.Huis Ten Bosch ‘Airport Bus’ fee (2,300yen standard)
(3,000yen standard) ※Must order one drink

The only hotel in the parkHotel Amsterdam

Official website
Free Re-entry ticket!

Private cottage nestled near the lake in the woodsForest Villa

Official website
Two-story cottages suitable for groups

Standard Guest benefits for Hotels run by Huis Ten Bosh※Henn-na Hotel comes with benefit No.1 only.

1.Free shuttle bus between the welcome gate and hotels
2. Invitation to the masquerade party (comes with a free mask)
※Current ticket necessary
3.Souvenir delivery
Free delivery of any purchased souvenirs in the shops inside the park※Accepting deadline: 5:00p.m. Delivery: After 8:00p.m.
4.Free baggage delivery service from the welcome gate to the hotels/dt>

The hotel that promises to keep changing

Opened on July 17, 2015
Official website
The world’s first robot hotel
Robot check-in support
Stylish and cozy room

World Flower Garden Show Admission

Guests with a passport or Kingdom of Light passport:
Guests with an admission ticket, annual passport member card: 500yen
※Admission Fee for the World Flower Garden Show only is 2,500yen for adults (age 13 +) and 1,500yen for children (age 4 – 12).

Huis Ten Bosh Passport Information

The History Gardening World cup

  • ガーデニングワールドカップ2013
  • ガーデニングワールドカップ2013
  • ガーデニングワールドカップ2012
  • ガーデニングワールドカップ2011
  • ガーデニングワールドカップ2010